3 Reasons to book domestic cleaning during term time

Keeping the hobs clean is part of our domestic cleaning service

When September comes around and the children head back to school you may find yourself looking forward to some peace and quiet. Whilst the summer holidays are always fun, they can be very demanding of our time. Between keeping the family entertained and getting out in the sunshine there can be precious little time left […]

Why September is the ideal time to hire a domestic cleaner

A domestic cleaner can fix the mess kids make

London enjoyed some beautiful weather these last few months, did you make the most of your summer? September is finally here, but don’t panic, we’ve still got a good few weeks to enjoy London’s parks and outdoor attractions before autumn truly takes hold. The onset of September also means the kids go back to school, […]

Half Term House Cleaning

Half term is great, the kids are around, the weather’s picking up and it offers a brief reprieve from exams (if the kids at that age) But with even more to do, and even less time to do it, it’s easy to slip behind on the house work. Many people find that they may be asking themselves […]

Cleaning Your Home to Treat Hay Fever

Winter is finally over! Bring on the longer days and the warmer weather. Do you call it Spring, or do you call it the start of summer? Ok, maybe we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves… But Spring is a wonderful time of year. With more hours of daylight we can start to spend a […]

Spring cleaning: What it is and why you should hire a pro

Spring cleaning has been around since the dawn of time, well, possibly. Some people believe that the tradition came from Chinese culture, where traditionally folks would clean their home in anticipation of Chinese New Year. Others believe the tradition may come from within Jewish culture, where, in preparation for passover, the home would be also […]

Rubbish bins, the ins and outs of the germs we forget to tackle!

Changing bins is often a last minute thing, lets be honest. Instances where you are mid way through cooking a meal for your family, you need to throw away food packaging or vegetable peelings. You notice the bin is full so you quickly stuff as much in and take it outside to the dustbin, a […]

Teaching Kids About Household Cleaning

For most kids, cleaning is a horrible and dreadful thing. Dishes are yucky, vacuuming sucks, and cleaning their room is boring. So what can we do to make our kids willing to clean? Here are a few simple tips that can help make your kid have the desire to clean up around the house. Make […]

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