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Summer offers plenty of opportunities for BBQs, sun tans, ice-cream, being outdoors in the fresh air and enjoying the natural wildlife around you. As urban development rises, many animals find their habitats destroyed, but a little encouragement from you and your family will go a long way to help create a safe environment for birds, insects, mammals and more, to have a safe place to go.

Here are few tips to help you get more from your garden this Summer:
  1. ‘Meadow’ spaces in flower beds are fantastic for all types of insects and mini-beasts. Longer grass and wild flowers that are left to nature will encourage butterflies to lay eggs, and the bright wild flowers will mean they stick around for you to enjoy!
  2. Another benefit of dedicated meadow space is that you will need less garden maintenance! The natural balance of things tends to look after itself, so you can cut the dead grass and plants away in early Spring and leave them to flourish all summer long.
  3. Have you ever thought about a water feature? A simple shallow pool will make the perfect spot for amphibians such as frogs and newts. If you haven’t got the space, why not try a small bird bath? This is a fantastic way to see birds up close in your own back garden splashing around in a safe place.
  4. Make home made bird feeders with the kids to encourage different types of birds.
  5. Hedges will provide shelter and corridors for small mammals and birds. If you have a fence lined garden, plant a few holly bushes against them. As they grow you will get to see the activity in and around the base of the holly where animals will make a safe home for themselves and their babies come the autumn.
  6. Bees are vital to the survival of plants as they pollinate new flowers during the summer season. However, bee numbers have taken a hit in recent years, which affects the country’s flowers and plants. You may have seen in the news swarms of bees trying to find somewhere to build new colonies. Encourage these pollinators as well as others by planting climbers against garden fences. This creates a flow from one garden to the next and you will be helping the population count of bees to increase.
  7. Adding tall growing flowers will attract beautiful dragon flies and bees; keep a diary with the kids of what you can see in the garden!

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