Spring cleaning has been around since the dawn of time, well, possibly. Some people believe that the tradition came from Chinese culture, where traditionally folks would clean their home in anticipation of Chinese New Year. Others believe the tradition may come from within Jewish culture, where, in preparation for passover, the home would be also be cleaned. Persian culture has its own spring cleaning too, in preparation for the Persian new year celebration Nouroz. Of course, it might just be that as the days start to get a little lighter you tend to get a better view of all the muck that gathered in the darkness of winter.

What’s your favourite spring cleaning job? Dancing around the house with a feather duster is an energetic activity but you may come face to face with a few creepy crawlies… Maybe best to avoid that one then. How about a spot of painting, fixing some of the marks on the doors and walls… although I don’t know about you but I really don’t enjoy getting covered in paint. Hmm, ok well how about cleaning those carpets then, but is that battered old hoover really going to cut it?

Let’s face it, whilst the idea of spring cleaning might sound fun and lively, the prospect of actually doing it means hours and hours doing stuff that no-one really wants to do, especially after a long day’s work. Do you want to write off your Saturday or Sunday for cleaning the house? Well then, time to treat yourself, get a professional cleaner round to do the hard work for you so you can spend more time doing the stuff you love. Now you’ll finally have enough time to visit the inlaws, what a relief!

But seriously, the benefits of getting a pro in to take care of your spring clean are amazing. For a start, just think about how much more thoroughly a professional will be able to clean your home. You’ll be amazed at how much of a difference pro grade cleaning tech and a pair of experienced hands can make. It doesn’t make sense for homeowners to invest in this type of gear, but for the pro’s it’s how they earn their living, only the best will do. Your home, your carpets, everything is going to smell fresh, look beautiful and feel way more inviting. As if that wasn’t enough just think about the health benefits. Say goodbye to all that dust and dirt that can cause all kinds of breathing problems!

So don’t put it off and don’t do nothing, pick up the phone and give the friendly team at 4CityClean a call! We’d be delighted to give your home the spruce up it needs, just in time for spring.

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