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Winter is finally over! Bring on the longer days and the warmer weather. Do you call it Spring, or do you call it the start of summer? Ok, maybe we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves… But Spring is a wonderful time of year. With more hours of daylight we can start to spend a bit more time out of the house, maybe in the local park, up on the common, in the beer garden, or even having a BBQ.

Spring is also the time of year that trees begin releasing their pollen, not so good for hay fever suffers. In fact, by the end of spring, 1 in 5 people face a full scale meltdown as the grasses start to release their unwelcome allergens too. For the many who suffer from this troublesome allergy Spring can be a mixed blessing. With no cure for hay fever, all we can do is treat the symptoms. Unfortunately treatments like antihistamines also come with side effects like drowsiness.

Antihistamines aren’t the only way for hay fever sufferers to make Spring time more bearable. Did you know there are some actions you can take that don’t even come with side effects?

A professional carpet cleaner can make a world of difference to hay fever sufferers. This is because carpets essentially act as a giant air filter in the home. Their fibres trap and absorb dust, pollen and other particles from the air, trapping them. This helps treat the symptoms by reducing exposure to the cause of the problem – a tactic advised by the NHS.

The problem can be minimised by regular cleaning. Vacuuming in particular can help shift dust from the surface of a carpet, but consumer-grade equipment can only achieve so much. We can help you keep on top of this with our professional domestic cleaning service. It can be tricky making time for the consistent care and attention your home needs.

But don’t worry if you have fallen behind. Where necessary we can carry out professional carpet cleaning too. Professional carpet cleaning equipment uses much more heat, higher pressures and better agitation to reach far deeper than the surface layer. Pro gear can kill mites and remove allergens. Not only will you carpets look and smell fresher, your home will be a haven safe from nasty pollutants and allergens.

If you suffer from hay fever, or you live with people who do, Spring is the perfect time to hire a domestic cleaner. If your carpet hasn’t been professionally cleaned in the last few months we’d be delighted to freshen it up and eliminate hay fever from your home. For a fresher, cleaner, healthier home, give the 4CityClean team a call.

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