Rubbish bins, the ins and outs of the germs we forget to tackle!

Changing bins is often a last minute thing, lets be honest. Instances where you are mid way through cooking a meal for your family, you need to throw away food packaging or vegetable peelings. You notice the bin is full so you quickly stuff as much in and take it outside to the dustbin, a quick hand wash and back to cooking. Predicting when your bin will need to be emptied is near impossible, but does this rush of getting it done quickly and then back on with the job at hand create more danger for you and your family?

“Good hygiene is not a once-weekly, deep-down clean,” says Professor Sally Bloomfield, of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. “Hygienic cleaning needs to be an ongoing part of our daily lives, where hygiene measures are targeted where and when necessary.”

  • Here are a few tips to ensuring you maintain a safe and healthy environment for your family to relax in.
  • Use the recycling methods in place by your local council, separate food waste and packaging. Rotting food in your larger kitchen bin means germs are around for longer in a food preparation area.
  • A smaller compost bin means you can keep these germs in one place and isolated from the rest of the refuse.
  • Flatten cardboard and keep to one side, this saves a lot of space in your bin which means changing it less often.
  • Rinse any glass jars or bottles before putting them in the recycling. Not only will this limit any odors coming from them but most importantly germs will breed at a much slower rate.
  • You should also rinse any tin cans.
  • A great tip to remember is once the can has been rinsed, drop the lid in to so it is flat on the bottom, holding upright with the bottom of the tin parallel to the floor at approximately hip height, press the top half of the tin against the edge of your kitchen counter. This will warp the shape of you tin so the sharp lid cannot fall out, eliminating chances of cuts to you and your family.

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