Teaching Kids About Household Cleaning

For most kids, cleaning is a horrible and dreadful thing. Dishes are yucky, vacuuming sucks, and cleaning their room is boring. So what can we do to make our kids willing to clean? Here are a few simple tips that can help make your kid have the desire to clean up around the house.

Make it Fun

In my household, cleaning is a fun thing. The kids enjoy playing in the dish water, sorting laundry and vacuuming. How is this possible? We make cleaning into a game. For example, dish drying contest, vacuum racing, and laundry basketball. Making household cleaning fun is simple. For laundry basketball, we pile all of the dirty clothes in the middle of the floor. We set up a basket for whites, darks and colours. Then the kids quickly grab from the pile, and throw it into the appropriate basket. Before you know it, the game is over and all of your laundry is sorted.

Offer Rewards  

What keeps you going to work every day? You probably don’t do it for the fun of it. You do it for the payment. Even when you are at work, many employees lack performance because they grow tired of their job. So how do companies boost performance? They do this by offering rewards. So why not take a few tricks from a corporation for your household? If your kids know they will earn rewards for doing household cleaning, they will want to do it more often. Some parents give their kids an allowance, where they give them a couple of pouds a week for completing household chores. Other parents offer rewards in time. They allow their kids to have extra time playing video games, watching TV or playing with friends. You can also offer toys or candy as rewards but this shuldn’t be often.

Kids can have the will to do household cleaning. Just remember, keep it fun and make it rewarding. This will not only help them learn good cleaning habits, but it can also teach them about work ethics and money saving. All of these things can help your child later in life.

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