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floor cleaning services camden

Hard floors can seem like the ideal solution for low maintenance flooring.

What happens when the shine goes, the scuff marks just won’t budge and the scratches are creating a dull worn out look? With any hard floor, you will get to point where mopping will just not cut it and you need to give your floors a little extra attention. Are you looking for the best floor cleaning services Camden has to offer? Thats where 4CityClean can help. With our hard floor scrubbing, stripping and sealing service your floors can be restored to their original glory and your can enjoy them once again. Hard floors can develop a buildup of dirt that start to coat the surface of the floor, the more this dirt is walked over the harder it is to remove and it starts to adhere to your floor resulting dull, grimy, unattractive floors. Your floor will soon become discoloured and tainted with the build up which then leads to unpleasant odours that will just not budge. The scratches will start to fill up with muck, dust and even food items, especially in kitchen areas, which means you essentially have rotting food breeding bacteria that soon becomes a health hazard. Dents, scuffs and marks spoil their shine, but what many people don’t realise is that all these problems can be solved with a simple call to 4CityClean. Having been in the cleaning business for over 10 years, we’re confident we offer the best floor cleaning services Camden has to offer.

Our hard floor cleaning method

Our cleaning process involves several stages, starting with a cleaning and scrubbing to remove the dirt and grime that has become fixed onto the surface of your floor. We use special detergents depending on your floor type as using the wrong one can be detrimental to the end result. When we are satisfied that we have removed as much dirt as possible we begin to strip any old sealant that is still left, this means that when we re-seal, the surface is completely renewed and restored. In the final stages we polish the floor with different buffers specialist industry approved equipment. The end result is outstanding quality, shine and of course by sealing the floor you are protecting your floor for the future and you will get to enjoy the results for as long as possible. The life of your floor is extended,and the new sealant keeps it smooth and free of blemishes which help protect the surface from future soil penetration and abrasion.

The best hard floor cleaning Camden has to offer for offices and commercial premises

If you are looking to have the floors in your commercial premises cleaned give us a call today. We can strip the floors in offices, building lobbies and waiting areas, hotels, pubs, conference centres, music venues, schools, hospitals, churches and much more. Your guests will reap the benefit of our comprehensive floor cleaning service and your business will make a great first impression on your potential customers. 4CityClean can provide complete stripping, buffing and sealing for vinyl, wooden and natural stone including: marble, granite, terrazzo floors, slate, karndean and much more throughout the London area. Contact us today to find out your tailor made quote and how we can work with you in restoring your floors.

4CityClean offer a guarantee on all cleaning services

If you’re not 100% satisfied, just tell us within 24 hours of the work being completed and we will come back and clean everything involved again!


Our top priority is customer satisfaction, so let us make sure we provide it for you as one of our many valued customers.

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