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Maintaining a healthy workforce is vital to the efficient running of your company which is why here at 4CityClean we work closely with businesses in Camden and North London to provided tailor made office cleaning programs.

Our flexible office and commercial premises cleaning services are to help you make the most of your work space and business. By letting us keep on top of the daily demands of your premises, you can more time to focus on your work and make sure that you, your staff and your customers enjoy a cleaner and healthier environment.

Our experienced team is ready waiting to help your business. Our regular office cleaning services can be adapted to many different kinds of business and office environments.

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From small, single desk units to work spaces covering thousands of square feet, we can make our cleaning services work for you. Our dedication to providing an outstanding level of customer service means that we are able to adapt to the nuances of your office while keeping on top of all of the essentials.

Flexible cleaning at a time to suit your business

As an experienced cleaning company in London, we understand that businesses need to keep moving and cannot be held up by unreliable or unreasonable cleaning companies. Having worked in various bustling office environments across the capital we believe we offer one of the most flexible and accommodating office cleaning services in the city. We offer our office cleaning service 24 hours a day, so as to create the minimum possible disruption to your environment. As soon as peak time passes, our expert team shoot in and get the job done. Not only that, but our services are scalable and flexible to clients with any budget. Whether you need a daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly cleaning service, discuss it with our team and we will find the ideal scheduling for your business and a price point that works for you.

As with all of the services we offer, your security and convenience is our top priority which is why we are happy to provide verifiable references of all of our cleaners on request. We also ask that:

  • We check all new staff members identification
  • All our staff have valid working permits where applicable
  • At least two employment references be provided that are checked and verified upon employment
  • All of our cleaners have a good command of the English language
  • A criminal record check can be carried out at the client’s request for extra peace of mind
  • They are able to provide proof of address for the last two years

You can expect quality and professional high standards from your office cleaning service

Here at 4CityClean we stick to our word when it comes to the quality of of cleaning services, our staff will arrive in uniform, and in the unlikely event of an incident, we are all fully insured so there is no risk to your property and equipment. Our teams will arrive promptly at your preferred time and where possible you will be offered the same cleaning team on a regular basis.  Upon employment all our cleaning staff undergo our mandatory company induction procedure. which includes a theoretical based learning program, providing knowledge of safe housekeeping and methods of work, COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) and risk assessment techniques, with the second part consisting of a practical exam so you can be sure that you are getting the highest results from you cleaning service.

Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us which is why we promise to undertake proactive, professional and thorough cleaning at competitive prices. To ensure we fully satisfy all your requirements, we offer both ‘One Off’ and Contract cleaning arrangements and can also furnish all your janitorial supplies, providing the complete service for you in any part of the London area.

Frequently asked questions

A typical office cleaning service covers a range of tasks designed to maintain a clean, hygienic, and professional working environment. This usually includes dusting and wiping all surfaces, vacuuming and mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens (including appliances, countertops, and sinks), emptying bins, and sometimes, window cleaning. Services can often be tailored to the specific needs of your office, including deep cleans, carpet cleaning, and upholstery cleaning.

The frequency of office cleaning depends on the size of your office, the number of employees, and the nature of your business. Offices with high foot traffic or those in industries requiring high levels of cleanliness may need daily cleaning. Smaller offices with fewer employees might find that a couple of times a week or even weekly cleaning suffices. It’s important to assess your office’s specific needs and discuss these with your cleaning provider.

The duration of an office cleaning session varies based on the office’s size, the cleaning tasks required, and the state of the office. A small office might only need a few hours of cleaning, while larger offices could require a full day or multiple cleaners working simultaneously. A cleaning company can provide a time estimate after assessing your office and understanding your cleaning needs.

Yes, most cleaning companies offer flexible scheduling options to ensure that cleaning does not disrupt your business operations. This includes after-hours cleaning, early morning cleaning, or weekend cleaning services. It’s important to discuss your preferred timing with your cleaning provider to arrange a schedule that minimizes disruption to your work.

Reputable office cleaning companies conduct thorough background checks on their employees and provide them with proper training to handle various cleaning tasks securely and efficiently. Many companies also have policies in place for handling office keys and security codes, ensuring that your office remains secure during and after cleaning. To further ensure security, discuss any specific protocols or concerns with your cleaning service provider and consider having a representative present during cleaning sessions, especially in sensitive areas.

4CityClean offer a guarantee on all cleaning services

If you’re not 100% satisfied, just tell us within 24 hours of the work being completed and we will come back and clean everything involved again!


Our top priority is customer satisfaction, so let us make sure we provide it for you as one of our many valued customers.

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