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4CityClean offer a professional, effective oven cleaning service throughout London. We know cleaning your oven can be a painstaking process, but the longer you leave it, the harder it becomes to clean.

Over our many years professionally cleaning the homes and businesses of our clients, one constant has emerged. People do not like cleaning ovens. Most ovens are used daily, often several times, so the build up of muck and grease that occurs is inevitable. It can be pretty challenging to notice how and when this muck begins to build up, after all, who is going to bother with a couple of tiny crumbs left behind here and there, especially when the oven is still at a couple of hundred degrees celsius.

By the time the oven has cooled those pesky crumbs have been forgotten and sit there ready to get baked-on the next time the oven is used. Multiple this by a few weeks or even months and you’ve got a recipe for an oven cleaning nightmare. Our oven cleaning service can reset the clock on this mess and leave you with a beautifully spotless oven.

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An oven cleaning service with a professional touch

Sometimes we work with people who have given it their best shot, spraying on fairly liquid and scrubbing with scourers until their hands turn red, but the generally walk away disappointed. You can spend hours scrubbing away at an oven but without the right equipment and techniques chances are you’ll make almost no difference. If any of this sounds familiar it might be time to book our dedicated oven cleaning service to reset the clock on your oven and save those batteries in your smoke alarm.

Top 3 signs that your oven urgently needs a thorough clean include:

  1. Build-up of grime in the window
  2. Production of smoke during use (which comes from the burning of fatty oil deposits)
  3. Discolouration and grime on the inside of the oven

Experience counts

One of the reasons it is better to work a professional for oven cleaning is that sometimes some pretty tough chemicals need to be used. Particularly when ovens haven’t been cleaned for several months, which is often the case for rented properties in London, that baked on muck can be so stubborn that only professional grade solutions can cut through it. These need to be applied by an experienced hand, since if you get them on your skin they can really sting. Don’t panic though, we wont’ leave behind any nasty chemicals or smells that will affect your cooking. Our cleaning teams will always clean up thoroughly after they’ve completed their oven cleaning, leaving your oven clean and ready for safe use.

At 4CityClean we offer an oven cleaning service which can dramatically extend the life of the appliance. Having a well maintained oven is important regardless of whether or not you own your home, as many a deduction from a deposit has been made because of unclean ovens. They don’t come cheap, so it’s important that you don’t take your oven for granted. A clean oven will also be more efficient, saving on energy costs. Many faults in kitchen appliances like this are caused because they are not well looked after.

Our vast experience in professional cleaning has enabled us to learn the very best cleaning techniques and pass on to our staff. We use up to date cleaning methods and the best products available so that our customer satisfaction remains excellent.

Our team have all the experience and training necessary to tackle even the dirtiest of ovens. A professional clean from 4CityClean will also make your oven easier to clean in the future, saving you time in the short and long term.

Frequently asked questions

Professional oven cleaning services offer a deep clean that is often difficult to achieve with DIY methods. Professionals use specialized cleaning products and equipment to remove built-up grease, food residues, and burnt-on deposits effectively and safely. This not only improves the appearance and hygiene of your oven but can also enhance its efficiency and extend its lifespan. Additionally, it saves you time and effort, and avoids the need for harsh chemicals in your home.

Professional oven cleaning typically involves a thorough inspection of the oven to assess its condition, followed by the application of a non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning solution to break down grease and grime. The cleaner will then manually scrub and remove deposits from the interior, including the racks, oven trays, and glass door. The process may also include dismantling certain parts of the oven, such as the door or fan, if necessary, to ensure a comprehensive clean.

The duration of a professional oven cleaning service can vary depending on the oven’s size, type, and condition. On average, it can take between 2 to 4 hours to thoroughly clean an oven. Heavily soiled ovens or those that haven’t been cleaned for a long period may require additional time to restore to optimal condition.

The frequency of professional oven cleaning depends on your usage. For average home use, it’s recommended to have your oven professionally cleaned every 6 to 12 months. However, if you use your oven heavily or notice significant build-up sooner, more frequent cleanings may be necessary to maintain its performance and hygiene.

The cost of professional oven cleaning in the UK varies depending on the service provider, the size and type of your oven, and the level of cleaning required. Standard single ovens may cost less to clean compared to larger or more complex models, such as range cookers or ovens with self-cleaning liners. For accurate pricing, it’s best to contact professional cleaning companies directly for a quote. Generally, investing in professional oven cleaning can be cost-effective in the long run, considering the benefits of efficiency, extended appliance lifespan, and the quality of the cleaning achieved.

4CityClean offer a guarantee on all cleaning services

If you’re not 100% satisfied, just tell us within 24 hours of the work being completed and we will come back and clean everything involved again!


Our top priority is customer satisfaction, so let us make sure we provide it for you as one of our many valued customers.

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